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Snap Buttons are one of the latest trends in fashion jewelry. The idea behind them is simple, you can have unlimited looks with just a few basic pieces. What you do is purchase your bases, such as bracelets or necklaces. Other pieces are available such as rings, key chaimainns and zipper pulls to name a few. Then you add your snaps. Snaps are available in a wide variety of styles and looks. You can choose a fun, whimsical snap or a more elegant crystal snap, you can even add a workable watch face.

There are three main sizes, 12 mm, 18 mm, and 20 mm. By far the most popular size is 18 mm. The 18 mm and 20 mm sizes can be interchanged however, it is not advisable to use a 12 mm snap in either an 18 mm or 20 mm base.

Snap Buttons and Snap Button Jewelry

Snap button jewelry also comes in a variety of styles and levels of elegance. You can go from a simple slim leather bracelet to and elegant silver or gold toned bracelets, with unlimited levels in between.

You can then take the spirit of your desired appearance to virtually any level you wish by changing the snap. You can support your local sports team, you can tout your favorite fury friend, or add some comic relief with one of your favorite cartoon character.

A big favorite is the jeweled or crystal snap. They range from the modern to antique-ish.  Colors are almost limitless and styles are available to satisfy everyone's taste.