Handcrafted Quality

We have aftershave that is based on not isopropyl alcohol, that will dry out your skin but, on Gin. Once again continuing with the idea of using good base materials to make great products.

Deb started into dog biscuits when MoJo, our Lab mix, (thus we can say all of our biscuits are "LAB" tested) was deserving of a treat but had "difficulties" with some of the store-bought treats. She decided that the healthy treats aren't something just for her and I. So once again, we hit the internet and those old fashion things called books to find naturally healthy recipes for dog and cat treats and biscuits.

She started with a few basic flavors such as beef, chicken and cheese. Their popularity stunned us. She then embarked on a search for other flavors that would welcomed by our four-legged family members. There were a few flops and MoJo politely let us know that we shouldn't keep those recipes. But for the most part, she was parked at the "QC" desk making sure Deb's work lived up to her lofty standards. We are happy to say that so far MoJo has put her paw print of approval on all 20 flavors!

Snap Button Jewelry was somewhat of an accident. I stumbled onto the snaps and jewelry and thought they would be something people would like because of their fun and flexibility. As it turned out I was right.

The aromatherapy pendants seemed like a right "fit". We offered them because we have the essential oils people were asking for. They give you the ability to take the benefits of aromatherapy with you throughout the day.

We feel that a more natural approach to life and everyday living will make the quality of our days better. We feel that if the ingredients list is made up of so many words that we cannot pronounce then maybe, just maybe, we need to change things to a more natural way...and we carry this philosophy to our whole family.

How we got started

Our products are chemical, dye and preservative free.   Men's and women's products are organic coconut oil and shea butter base with added grape seed, almond, jojoba and olive oils. Add a touch of honey, eucalypus and tea tree oils for extra benefits.


Our pet treats are all natural wheat flour, canola oil, and fresh eggs. Add in natural broths and stocks, proteins, fresh and dried fruits and veggies and a touch of catnip for our feline friends only!. 

 We got started making men's and women's products because searching for products for our own use we could not find a suitable options at reasonable prices.

We researched ingredients and decided on natural coconut oils, shea butters, and carrier oils such as grape seed, almond, jojoba and olive oils. We added touches of honey, eucalyptus and tea tree oils for extra benefits. 

When the holidays came, we gave some of these away as holiday gifts. After the holidays, we were asked where we found these products because our friends wanted to purchase more. That's when we got the idea to start selling them.

We expanded our offerings from soaps and hand cremes to lotions, lip balms and body bath luxuries. Our Bath Salts are a wonderful way to escape from the day's trials and relax and "recharge". We've been told that our eucalyptus bath salts are great in helping to relieve the congestion associate with the common cold and flu. The rich eucalyptus scent mixed with the steam from a hot bath can provide relief to congestion that accompanies colds and flues. Other scents like Rose and Jasmine help to relax and you'll get a quick morning push from our Morning Mocha!

We then started offering a line of popular Men's items based on our same principals of good natural products. Beard Oils and Beard Balms seemed like a good start. Again, after researching what different carrier oils offered we selected the oils we thought offered the best benefits.

Our selection of "flavorings" from both essential oils and fragrances were based on what our customers requested.

We added "O'Rion's Original Big Beard Comb" after several men asked for a large bulky comb to handle the toughness of a beard. we searched options and came upon a gentleman in the Ukraine who hand makes them. He even offered to "personalize" them with our logo.




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